Build a foundation of wellness + create a ritual of calm.

Ancient plant medicine for modern times.

Steep. Sip. Feel better.

steam activated mushrooms | organic herbs | mineral rich sea greens

All mushrooms + herbs are not created equal.

Our fungi are organically farmed + harvested at the optimum stage of growth to maximize potency. Our mushrooms then undergo a steam activation process to break down the cell walls (chitin)- making their active compounds more bio-available.

Our herbs are certified organic for the cleanest + most powerful medicine possible.

Our mineral rich sea greens are sourced from the wild + rugged Northern California Coast.

MEDICINE tea blends began as house formulations featured at House of Better restaurant at Dr. Wilkinson’s Backyard Resort + Mineral Springs + Spa in Calistoga, CA. Guest feedback + requests led us here. Build a foundation of wellness for your body + create a ritual of calm for your spirit. Sip a delicious cup 3 times each day, hot or over + share MEDICINE tea with those you love. Thank you!

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