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earth + ocean

earth + ocean

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earth + ocean

IMMUNE BOOSTER + SUPPORT | reishi + turkey tail, honeybush, elderberry, schisandra berry, lemongrass, kombu | 1.5 oz | approx. 14 cups for loose leaf tea | 14 count for tea bags

*Rich and smooth with berry notes - a delicious cold busting elixir.*

Reishi + Turkey Tail : immune booster, may fight fatigue + depression, anti-cancer properties, antioxidant

Honeybush : rich in polyphenols - antioxidant 

Elderberry : high in vitamin C, rich in phenolic acids + flavonoids which are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory

Schisandra Berry : adaptogenic properties support the body to resist the effects of anxiety + stress, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, liver support + increase vitality

Lemongrass : revitalizing detoxifier, anti-anxiety

Kombu : powerhouse seaweed of essential minerals including magnesium - for bone health + fighting muscle fatigue. contains amino acids known to aid digestion and absorption of nutrients. Kombu is one of the most iodine-rich foods known in the world - iodine helps maintain a healthy thyroid


Shipping & Returns


Items will usually ship in 2-3 business days. All products are shipped from Santa Rosa, CA.


If you are not satisfied with your tea for any reason within 30 days, just contact us and return unused product and we will extend a full refund once we receive the shipment.

Brewing Instructions

For loose leaf tea : add 1 heaping tsp of blend to infuser. Pour boiling water over tea and cover. Steep for 5-10 minutes - the longer it steeps, the stronger the tea will be. Enjoy !

For tea bags : pour boiling water over tea bag in mug and cover. Steep for 5-10 minutes - the longer it steeps, the stronger the tea will be. Enjoy !

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TEA….In the spirit of ancient plant medicine.

MEDICINE tea blends feature steam activated mushrooms for optimal bio-availability, powerful organic herbs + mineral rich sea greens.

Build a foundation of wellness + create a ritual of calm. Sip a delicious cup + feel better.